Natalia Zwardoń


Natalia Zwardoń is a designer with an architectural background. Her fascination with colors, collage and forms pushes her to create playful spaces and objects with a striking aesthetic, often taking inspiration from surrealism as well as the worlds of installation and sculpture.

NZ makes projects that spans scales from objects to architecture, interior design, set design and exhibition. She design bespoke solutions for its clients, to create projects that emerge color, materiality and identity for the everyday use of these new spaces.


NZ provides a complete suite of architectural and illustration services, from brief development to concept design, through planning and building control applications, and tendering to construction management, in order to produce your finished project. 

* 3D Design

* 3D Modeling

* Spatial Design (interior,architecture,landscape)

* Exhibition Design 

* Set Design 

* Concept Design 

* Technical Drawings 

* Illustrations

* Visualization

* Pop-up 

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